Once you have got to learn about your prospect, the key aspect in their mind is do they then believe you can solve their problem! How can you get your prospects to believe in you and your company!
Saturday Sales Tips

We are what we believe we are - CS Lewis


Welcome to this week’s Saturday Sales email.  I hope you’ve had another successful week and are fully in the swing of 2019!

I know 2 of my clients, Alex Seery and the team at Heads Up have had an AMAZING start to the year and so congratulations on the results you have had guys! It just goes to show what results hard work provides!

Thanks to all those who are new to the weekly email as well. Great to have you join the community. Let me know what questions and sales ideas I can help you with!

For many reasons, it has been an interesting week… not only for the obvious (I can’t even say it) but for one event in the sporting world.

It was sad to watch former world number one tennis player Andy Murray, reveal in a press conference this week that he will be standing down from the sport this year after being plagued with a hip injury for the past couple of years. The injury has made it intolerable to play and he feels he has no other option than to retire.  Andy believes he can make it to Wimbledon and finish on home soil, but after a poor start at the Australian Open, he is going to have to dig deep in order to make it to Wimbledon in June. 

How much of him truly believes that he will be able to make it? And how does he demonstrate this to his coach, his doctors and his family?  It must be so difficult to know what to do.

This event links nicely into what I want to talk about this week, and it’s one of the five key words that I feel are essential in sales success… that word is BELIEF.

Last week I talked about the importance of TRUST and to show that you are trustworthy to your prospects. People buy from those they trust and there are plenty of things you can do to instil that trust.  Check out last week’s email if you missed these tips or click on my latest video which I launched this morning on 7 Ways you can build trust with your prospects.

Belief goes hand in hand with trust in a lot of areas.  Your prospect needs to believe that you can deliver on your product or service and make the difference in their life that you promise.

So how do you demonstrate to your prospect that they can believe in not only you as a person, but your business and what it has to offer?

You may think the best way to demonstrate how good you are is to baffle your prospect with science and data – surely that’s the only way to get them to believe that your product or service is the best… isn’t it?

Here I share my top tips for getting others to BELIEVE in you and what you have to offer!
Be truthful

Someone who is honest and transparent in business will be held in high esteem. This doesn’t mean that you can leave important information out and assume your customer already knows.  You know what they say about the word ‘ASSUME’ and it’s true…if your prospect gets bitten on the ass later down the line because you didn’t disclose everything, their belief in you and your company will be shattered.

If you can’t deliver on something, say so. Don’t lie about it and then disappoint your prospect further down the line. Remember, under promise and over deliver – not the other way around. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that’s ok. Be honest and say so. We are constantly learning… find out the answer and take it back to your prospect promptly.

Evidence your truth
Baffling your prospect with science and data doesn’t always have the desired effect – you need to be able to back it up with something real and tangible. Use real life stories or anecdotes – if your prospect can see the experience others have had with you in the past and the success it has given them, then they are more likely to decide to work with you.

Ensure you have testimonials from others that have worked with you. Prospects find it reassuring to here the opinions of others.

I look to do this with every customer I work with and I know that these testimonials win new business. I agreed to work with a new client yesterday and I know that the evidence I provided of what I do (through testimonials) was key to the prospect saying yes to choosing me.

Authority & Confidence in your ability

Be a thought leader in your field.  Be the ‘go to guy… or gal’ for your particular business. By using social media effectively, you can share great content about your services and best practice tips in your particular field. People will already feel that you are solving their problems before they’ve even approached you.

Having confidence in yourself with a strong self-belief mindset is an important aspect of getting others to believe in you. Some people are naturally self-confident – but this shouldn’t cross over into the realms of being cocky.  Nobody likes a cocky… person!

Have positive energy and a sense of humour. It will make your prospect feel at ease and will go a long way in securing their belief in you.  Don’t take yourself too seriously but remember to keep it professional. Making a business transaction a pleasure will have your customer coming back for more, and recommending your work to others.


As with trust, being consistent is a big factor in getting others to believe in you.  Be consistent on delivering on promises, meet those milestones and deadlines and deliver on the promises you say you are going to. You only get a few chances before a prospect gets tired of inconsistent results and decides to look somewhere else.

It’s also important to keep your message constant and unswerving. A message needs to be heard several times before it really beds down with a prospect, so repeat your message in communications, social media posts and branding and make sure it’s consistent.

I hope these tips have been useful in demonstrating how you can get others to believe in you and the work that you do.

Do you have any other ideas on belief? I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can reach out to me over email or connect with me on social media.  Just search ‘Jameswhitesales’ on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And if you’d like to ask me any questions on how you can achieve your sales targets or build greater belief with your prospects, I would be more than happy to help.

Have a great week ahead and remember… find out the problems your prospects face, use these tips to help them believe in what you do and then look to solve their problem better than anyone else!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you again next week.

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