Do you solve problems for your prospects? If you do and are known for this then prospects will warm to you!
Saturday Sales Tips

"If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it"
Albert Einstein



Welcome to another Saturday Sales email!  How has your week been?  Are you still feeling as motivated and rejuvenated as you did this time last month, or are you feeling the drag of winter and are longing for the sunshine and warmth to re-appear?

Well, if you hang around until the end of this email, I might have something that will give that re-envigored feeling that you’re looking for!

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at words that are essential to sales. Did you catch them all?  We looked at Trust, Belief, Understanding, Want/Need and this week we’re going to look at the last key word which is ‘Problem’.

A big part of selling a product or service is that you are looking to solve a problem for your prospect.  This can sometimes mean identifying problems that your prospect didn’t even realise they had or solving major problems that exist for them right now!

So many people continue to do things the way they always have because they either don’t see a problem with it or they aren’t aware that it can be done better. Your job is to identify your prospect’s problems and give them the solutions or a better way of doing something or understanding something they didn’t before.

You need to understand the impact these problems are having on your prospects and their business. Home in on how it is holding them back. Is it getting in the way of progress?  Is it causing waste in a certain area of the business?  Could investing in what you can offer mean that they will make back their investment multiple times over?  Identify the problem then provide the solution.

Don’t market who you are, market what you solve
Instead of marketing yourself for what you can do or what you are best at, think about what problem you are going to solve for your prospect.  Identify the problem and work backwards – you’ll find the solution – then market that!

For example, you might have an amazing skin care product for problem skin. However, instead of marketing it as ‘The No.1 skin care product with x, y and z in the ingredients, you market the problems it will solve. Think about it, most people when they search for something on the internet, don’t tap in the name of the product in the search bar, but they type in the problem they have ie; which is the best skin cream for wrinkles?

So, what’s the problem?

How do we get to the bottom of a problem… how do you even start to figure out the problems your prospects face?

Here are a few ideas…

Ask good questions about their biggest challenges

The best way to identify the key issues and problems your prospects have is to ask them. Questions such as 'What are the major barriers or challenges that you want to overcome in the next 12 months to move your business forward?' or 'What stops you from achieving your goals?' are ways to find out what is causing your prospect problems.

Interview your current customers

Ask them what they are doing better now as a result of using your product or service. Ask them what are the other frustrations they have which stop them from achieving their goals? Get close to them and really find out what gets in their way and use this as the basis to see if you can create a new product or service? Do you see a pattern in the replies you get from your prospects?

Read your existing customer reviews

Similar to interviewing your customers, look at your reviews and see if there is a link to what people are saying about you.  Are there common issues mentioned by your customers that you can do more to solve? Are there areas of challenge they have that you could add additional services to?

Look at the PEST factors within your prospect's business.

Are you able to identify Political, Economical, Social and Technological changes which are taking place within your prospect's business or marketplace? Where could they face disruption in the future? Are you able to help them deal with this challenge in some way?

Look at what others in their market are doing

Are you able to look at other innovators in the prospects market and see what they are doing? Are their trends that are new but could become mainstream soon? Can you see a way in which you could adjust what you do to link into these new elements to give your prospects new ideas and value?

The key to any element of problem-solving is as the image below shows, to spend time identifying and exploring the issues and then developing solutions to solve this! Do this and your prospects will be happy!
What’s my problem?

So, talking of problems… this leads me onto a very exciting announcement.

I have been talking over the last few weeks about a brand-new sales model that I devised at the end of last year which was launched last week.

You see, I realised that I had a problem.  I had a sales model in place that, while it made perfect sense to me, didn’t easily translate to my audience in terms of delivering the key elements of sales.   I needed to come up with a new concept that would be much more relatable to everyone.

It wasn’t until I was chatting with a friend that had recently split from his partner and was contemplating the dating scene that I realised that the process we go through when looking for love, is just the same as what we do when we are looking for sales and business success.  

Just like looking at the problems your prospects have, I spoke to a lot of people about whether they would identify with the similarities that came with sales and dating.  The feedback I got was really positive… along with a few shared dating stories that also lent themselves well to the concept, but I’m sworn to secrecy!

So, from this initial idea, I have been working hard on a new dating model which I am now ready to launch and share with you all!  Over the coming year, everything I do will focus on one of the 12 key stages in the sales (and dating) process which will ultimately give you the tools for better sales success. 

Take a look at this blog I shared last week which tells you all about ‘How Sales Success is Very Similar to Dating' and the image underneath where I share the 12 stages of this new model.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this? Do the steps below resonate with you? Reply and let me know your thoughts.
Even more exciting (I know, it gets better!) is that I have been using this concept in a number of workshops I run for organisations such as Shifts to Success, BETA and B4 but I am now going to be running two unique and very special focused workshops myself.

The two workshops taking place in March and April will involve just four people per day which will allow me to share my new sales content in greater detail and allow me to relate it back to your business and give you a more focussed understanding of the techniques you need in order to smash your sales targets in 2019.

This full-day sales workshop will look at all the key stages of the model in more detail along with bonus material on ‘The Essentials of Sales’ plus plenty of resources for you to take away and use straight away.

I’ve talked a lot about problems this week and if your problem is that you don’t consistently hit your sales targets because you’re missing out on sales, then it’s time for a change in strategy. Making an investment in your self-development for you and your business is the solution.

If you would like more details on these special intimate workshops taking place on March 16th and April 14th in Somerset, please email me at for more details.

Places on these workshops are limited to four per day and so don’t delay if this is something you really want to do! Miss out here and continue to miss out on those sales targets!

I hope that this week's email has given you ideas on how to help your prospects with the problems they have. Solving problems really does elevate you in sales as someone prospects really do want to work with.

I also hope you enjoy this new sales model and I look forward to sharing my sales tips and dating tips (not so much!) over the coming months. If you have any stories to share that relate to sales or dating, I would love to hear them…

See you again next Saturday and let me know if you want to come along to the workshops! I would love to help you personally achieve better sales results.

Have a great weekend.


Sales Trainer and Mentor

I specialise in working with successful service businesses who want even greater sales success


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