As humans, we buy for 2 key reasons. We buy selfishly and we buy the hole and not the drill. How can you adjust your sales approach to accommodate this?
Saturday Sales Tips

Emotions are the language of the soul  - Karla Mclaren


Welcome once again to my Saturday Sales email. 

How has this week gone for you?  Did you participate in the celebration of love that is St Valentine’s Day… or do you show your love to your partner every day of the year?

What have you done this week to make your prospects fall in love with you?

I’ve had a very exciting week as I had the opportunity to present my new sales model ‘Why Winning at Sales is very similar to Dating and Falling in Love’ to two events. I shared a clip of one of the presentation's on my Linked In page which you can view here. If we are not connected on Linked In then let's change that! Thanks to Nathan King from Addvantage for capturing the clip!

I won’t lie, I had been feeling nervous about putting this new model out there, but I was delighted with the feedback I got following the presentation and how much people resonated with the model.  It’s great to be able to use real-life examples to explain the sales process.  It makes all the steps so much easier to understand.

I also spent a great day with Joe and the team from The Innovation Beehive. Joe and MOK are leaders in helping companies become more innovative and I think this is so key in the world we live in.

The great Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Do you lead or follow?

I ended this week by opening the doors to two full-day workshops I am holding in Somerset in March and April. These will be small workshops for a maximum of four people as I want to really focus on helping each person use the new model to achieve sales plans for the year.  Stick around to the end of the email if you are interested in hearing more details about the workshops.

This week we are looking at ‘Why People Buy’ and its Step 1 of my sales model. In the last few weeks, I have shared with you the keywords in sales and we have talked about how important it is for your prospects to either have a problem or a want if they are to buy from you.

2 other key factors which have a huge influence on what we buy as humans are the impact the purchase will have and the way in which they will affect us as people.

You see, people buy with their emotions and they buy for selfish reasons.  As harsh as that may sound, it’s true.

Take Valentine's day as an example of this. I organised for Mrs White to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers at work. Whilst the flowers were nice, that was not the main reason why I made the purchase. The real reason is that I wanted to make her feel special. I wanted her to smile and feel good and that was the 'end result' that I purchased and not the flowers themselves.

The other reason why we buy things is for selfish reasons but I don't intend to spoil your breakfast by sharing details about that! 😉
People buy for selfish reasons

Ultimately people buy something because there is something in it for them. In some way, it is going to benefit their life. It might be from the peace of mind that a job is getting done, the way it makes them feel good for having your product, the time it saves them or how it will make them appear to others.

Your job is to work out what your product or service can do for your prospect. What do they stand to gain by using your product or service?

The feel-good factor

People buy things to evoke an emotion and a lot of the time, people buy to make themselves feel good.

For example; Why do people buy a £300 Michael Kors bag over a simple bag from the High Street?

They both do the same job and can look almost identical and I don’t think you can argue that one is 10 times better than the other (but then what do I know about bags?).

People go for the Michael Kors bag for status.

That little bit of writing tells people that they have the income to afford such a bag.  There’s a feel-good factor from owning such a bag.  You feel good owning something that other people aspire to have. They aspire to your lifestyle that you must obviously have to be able to afford such things. 

As a provider of a product or service you need to consider;

How will it make your prospects look?  Stylish, important, serious, fun-loving, creative, professional, knowledgeable?

Will it help them impress others? What status will they have?  What kind of image does it give off? What are they trying to portray?

Will it save them from looking bad? Are they buying on behalf of someone else? Is their reputation on the line?

Even if you sell in a business to business environment, don't ever lose sight of the impact of what you sell and how it affects those who buy it. Even when people are buying with company money, in most cases they buy still with a slight selfish element to it.

Years ago, there used to be a saying which was 'nobody ever got fired for buying IBM' and the meaning behind it was that IT Directors knew that no one would ever question their decision or role for buying such a trusted brand. They wanted to 'protect their position' and would buy IBM to ensure their reputation stayed intact. They bought selfishly.

Always ask yourself the question when you are selling of 'What is in it for them' to the person that makes the decision. There will ALWAYS be a reason deep down that they decide to buy, Your job is to find that out.
People buy the hole and not the drill

So often, companies look to sell what the products or services are rather than the benefits of what the product can do for the customer.

Think about what the end impact is of what you do? In my line of work, the end impact to someone working with me is that they will have more money. I sell Sales Training and Mentoring but what I actually sell is greater self-value and more smiles when success is achieved.

You need to explore what the benefit is to your prospect of using your product or service.

What is the REAL END RESULT?

What emotions will this create for them?  Relief, freedom, Joy?

People buy to experience positive emotions.

Think about how your service or product will make them feel? Demonstrate what the net result will be of using what you offer?

Spend some minutes either today or first thing on Monday and really work out what the end impact is of what you do. 

If you can identify this, position it within your sales and marketing approach and back it up with evidence and references to show this then you really are going to start winning more business at a higher value rate.

I hope you found these tips useful. Just with understanding why people crave relationships (step 1), we need to understand why customers buy things.

As I mentioned at the top of the email, my two workshops ‘Why Winning is Sales is Like Falling in Love’ are now open!

I am looking to work with a total of eight people, (four each day) to help them get even better sales success for 2019.  

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to up-level, a business owner that wants to do even better or a sales rep that wants training to get even better results, then my workshop is for you!

If you would like further details, please reach out to me at, and I will send through all the information you need.

I am off to London to tick an item off my bucket list and visit the House of Commons. I have no doubt that my experience there and with Gordon Ramsey, tomorrow night will feature in next Saturday's email!

Have a great weekend, an amazing week ahead and I will see you again next Saturday!

Happy Selling!

Sales Trainer and Mentor

I specialise in working with successful service businesses who want even greater sales success


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