Saturday Sales Tips

If 2018 wasn't your year, what will you do to make 2019 even better?


Good morning guys. How was your Christmas?

I hope that you had a good couple of days to relax, rest and spend time with loved ones.

You are probably still in the middle of the Christmas break and finishing off leftover Christmas pudding and cheese but if you are like me then your mind may have started to wonder about 2019 plans!

I have lots of exciting new plans and partnerships to launch early in the year and I can't wait to help you achieve the targets you want for the year.

Whilst I hope you get a few more days to relax, I thought it would be interesting to share the 2 videos and 2 blogs which have proved to be the most popular during 2018!

As I outlined in my email last week, I have taken action this year and it's so satisfying to know that so many people have been helped by these videos and blogs!

Please let me know if these pieces of content have helped you and if they have, what areas would you like help with moving into 2019?

The most popular video of 2018 - How you can use BANT to engage with your prospects

If you have not watched this one then why not click on the image below and see why others have found it to be so useful? It was the clear number 1 video from the 50+ videos I created.

The 2nd most popular video of 2018

I was surprised that this video was the 2nd most popular video watched on my YouTube channel.

I thought it could be how to handle objections or how to sell your value over price but it turns out that learning how to build resilience as a salesperson is what people want to watch!

I have to say, its essential to have tough skin if you are to handle the rollercoaster of sales. Take a look at the video and let me know if the ideas I suggest can help you deal with the day to day ups and downs we all know that sales bring!

The most popular blog on my website in 2018

The most popular blog on my website during 2018 focused on how you can achieve your business goals and plans if you make time for prospecting.

Have a look at the blog here and let me know if it helps you focus your mind on the importance of engaging with prospecting each day?
The 2nd most popular blog on my website during 2018

A blog I shared in the middle of the year on how you should not approach prospects on LinkedIn also proved to be very popular during the year. Have a look at the blog and see if the thoughts I share resonate with you?

I really hope that the 2 videos and 2 blogs above are useful for you.

I appreciate you are taking some time to relax and chill with your family but when you do start to think about your plans for 2019, please let me know what content would be of help to you?

My drive and passion is to help entrepreneurs get better sales results and if these subjects don't help you, what would?

Share with me what help and support you need and I will ensure I create the content and resources that will help you get the results you want!

So a final thanks from me for being part of my community. I really hope you can enjoy the final few days of 2018 and I am incredibly excited to help and work with you in 2019!

Congratulations on whatever you have achieved in 2018 and let's work together to ensure 2019 is an even better year for you!

Best wishes and an early Happy New Year from me!  

Sales Trainer and Mentor

I specialise in working with successful service businesses who want even greater sales success


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