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Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough - OG Mandino


Good morning everyone, and Happy New Year to you!

It is good to be sending a Saturday Sales Tips email to you on the on the first Saturday of 2019.

I hope that you had an amazing Christmas and New Year break, and managed to get some good time to chill
and relax with family and friends. I know many people are not fully back in work until Monday and so my email this week, like the one before Christmas, is going to be relatively short.

I am sure you have seen lots of messages, emails and notifications about starting 2019 with new resolutions and goals. If I've seen one, I've seen probably 20 or 30 articles all of which share good ideas on what I can do to hit goals and targets. Make your goal accountable, detail how life will be different once you have achieved the goal, picture it, the list goes on.

My email is not going to encourage you to focus on setting goals (although I do think its a good idea). My message within the email relates to the importance of training our minds to believe we can achieve something.
This can be to lose weight, write a book, learn to play the guitar or when it comes to sales believing that we can win the deal we have wanted.

Whatever our goal is, we will not achieve it without training our minds to make it happen.

Over the Christmas period, I was thinking about signing up to do another bicycle challenge as I know I have to work to stay fit and healthy. 6 years ago, in early January, I signed up to a charity cycle to ride from Edinburgh to Oxford in 5 days as committing to others and saying 'I will do this' was my way of achieving the goal.

In May 2013, I and around 25 other mad folks set off from Edinburgh Castle with the intention of riding a bike all the way down to Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire in order to raise money for some very special hospice and children's charities. If you want proof that we did it, you can read a great article here on the ride and what we achieved (there is a great picture of me looking very pained on page 2!!) but the net result is that we raised over £20,000 for the charities and I achieved a goal that I still to this day look back on with great pride.

The journey of 440 miles hurt like hell (and not it is not downhill all the way before you suggest it!) but even though there were some difficult times, I and others in the group came through it and we achieved the goal.

Thinking back to 2013 and this experience also made me get out of my library a book which I only wish you could all read. When I was training for the challenge, I got introduced to an incredible man called Ben Rocket who still to this day is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.

Search for Ben on Google and you will find that he was for a number of years the world record holder for LEJOGLE. LEJOGLE stands for Lands End, John O'Groats, Lands End and yes this man rode the length of the UK twice on a bike in under 6 days.  I would not fancy driving that distance in 6 days let alone cycling it but Ben Rockett achieved that feat and my conversation with him gave me an incredible insight into the power of the mind and how it really is the most important element when it comes to achieving goals and targets.
I spoke with Ben a few times in 2013 about the training I needed to embark on to achieve my goal (he was so humble and supportive by the way even though my challenge was tiny compared to his!) and I got to understand more about how he had trained his body but most importantly his mind so that he could achieve his world record.

He talked about how during the ride, he pretty much reached the limit of what a human body can withstand (he survived on just 210 minutes of sleep during the whole trip) but the key reason why he was able to keep going throughout the worst moments and complete the ride was because he had trained his mind to accept nothing other than success.

Ben had developed an unwavering desire and goal to become a world record holder and complete this ride in a time that no one else on the planet had ever achieved before. He was going to do the ride within 6 days and NOTHING was going to stop him from achieving that goal. Even when he started to hallucinate and see frogs falling from the sky as rain, he still was able to refocus his mind and put all of his efforts into continuing to pedal and to continue to make ground. Keep on peddling, keep on peddling he told himself. Nothing was going to stand in his way and in the end, he achieved his target.

Ben Rockett trained his mind to deal with all of the challenges that riding a bike pretty much non stop for 6 days provides and when I look back at this and think about his story, I hope it gives you inspiration and belief for you to achieve your goals for 2019.  

Whatever the goal or resolution is that you have set, if you train your mind hard enough and believe enough in what you want to achieve, you can and will achieve that goal.

Want to double your revenue? You can achieve it.
Want to win the biggest client in your market space? You can achieve it.
Want to become the leading salesperson in your company? You can achieve it.
Want to double the number of customers you work with? You can achieve it.
Want to lose 2 stone? You can achieve it.

Whatever goal or resolution you have set, if you train your mind, your body will follow.
2019 has just started and whatever has happened in the past, this is a fresh chance to make a difference and to achieve what you want to achieve.

We have 365 (it's actually 360 now but who's counting 😊) chances to make a difference this year and to achieve whatever goals we have set for ourselves.

No one else can make your goals happen. The only person who is ultimately responsible for achieving something is you and my message this week is that whatever your goal or target is if you train your mind well enough to see, picture and believe the goal will happen, then you will achieve it.

I believe that our mindsets in Sales dictate everything that we do and if we believe we can achieve our target then we will. If we don't train our minds to think that way then we won't.  I am continually working to train my mind to achieve what I want and my passion and purpose are to help as many people as I can train and adjust their mindsets so that they can achieve sales success.

This is also why I am going to be announcing in the next few weeks a major new partnership with a world-leading expert who is an expert in helping people train their minds to achieve whatever they want and desire. More to follow on this very soon including a very special offer for every one of you who have subscribed to my Saturday Sales tips email.  

I want to help you 'train your minds' to deal with the day to day challenges and obstacles that we have in sales so that you can become 'Ben Rocket Like' and ensure that you achieve your goals whatever is thrown at you.

That's it from me this week. A simple but incredibly powerful message that I hope will set you up to achieve everything that you want in 2019. I am 10000% behind you all of the way and as ever, if I can help you get your mindset right, or help you turn those goals and dreams into realities then let me know.

I believe you can and will achieve what you want. The only question you have to answer is

'how much do you want it'?

I am incredibly excited to share 2019 with you. Hang on to your hats guys, it's going to be an AMAZING year!

Have a great weekend!

Sales Trainer and Mentor

I specialise in working with successful service businesses who want even greater sales success


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